Lemuel Cabilin’s first love of the arts was dancing, as he was a member of Mindanao Dance Artist Academy and Groove Unlimited Dance Community. He used to hangout in clubs after dance performances and showed interest in hosting. After some encouragement from friends , he had his first taste back in 2010.

This Davao-born lad matured and hyping became his expertise. The microphone was his weapon of choice and never left home without it. True enough, he became one of Davao City’s finest with residencies in major bars/clubs and appearances in street parties and festivals. His voice was his ticket to the entertainment industry, echoed throughout Mindanao and reached the shores of the Queen City of the South.

His opportunity came when he was recommended to OQTAGON and was plucked out of his comfort zone. At first he hesitated but was convinced this was his break. He ain’t no pushover as he has his own style of hyping which radiates to every corner of the club. Once you hear his voice, you’re left to wonder who’s the guy behind. He is unique and unlike anyone else. He is one of a kind. 

Yes Sir! This guy can really hype. In time, he proved himself worthy to Cebu’s discerning crowd, not just to the locals but to the international patrons as well. He gets his rhythm when he sees people jumping and bouncing on the dance floor.

Lemuel Cabilin is OQTAGON’s Microphone Commander. He brings his voice to HYPE 3.0 (Cebu City) on a scheduled basis.