Mak G is a true-blooded Cebuano.

He started to learn the craft at the age of 16 and never looked back. Ably mentored by some of Cebu’s finest, he proved himself among those who came before him and stood his ground. In 2014, though still not on legal age to enter bars/clubs, he was given the opportunity to develop his skills at LOTUS, where he became a resident DJ. At the same time, he ventured into being an MC and evolved into one of Cebu’s finest to date.

He leaps from being a DJ to being the MC. As a DJ, he never fails to amaze the crowd with his ‘millennial’ choice of beats. As he crosses over to being the MC, his voice pulls you closer to the dance floor. His music and his voice lift your party spirits up, visibly in all indoor/outdoor gigs, street parties and festivals he has played and performed. He is a crowd drawer with his good looks and charisma.

Make no mistake, this baby-faced charmer is a beast, either on the decks or doing the mic.


• Open Format. EDM. Top 40. RnB/HipHop.
• @mcdjmakgph
• @makg48